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To inquire about services or a wedding date, please contact us below. We are always willing to travel.

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Thank you so much for your inquiry! Please understand that certain weeks are busier than others and we will        respond as soon as possible! Your message is important to us and we cannot wait to get planning with you!         - with Love, The Dear Bride Team xoxo

Step 2. 

Once you have sent in your Inquiry, please wait to hear back from us on our Availability. Once your date has been cleared, We will send you our booking information and requirements. Please fill out our contract to the best of your abilities and email it back to us. Either by scanning it or even taking a cell phone image. Once our contract has been completed and our retainer has been paid, we will send you the code to access our DBVault and you will officially be booked on our calendar.  

Step 3. 

The DBVault is a private page designed specifically for Our Brides and Clients only. You can continue to check this page for great information and easy downloads, Direct cell numbers, how to prep for your services, tips and tricks, etc. This is an information page specifically for our clients convenience. You can find this page on the farthest right tab at the top of the page. This page will help to guide you through the time between booking and your special day. (This Page will be Available FAll 2017. In the Mean time our coordinator will email you all of this info)